Real Estate Transactions Everyone Will Love
Whether you are a Consumer, Real Estate Agent, Brokerage, a Community Manager or owner. There is something for everyone to love about Envoy for Real Estate

Here is why it's

Consumers gain speed, privacy and control
  • All Your Data In One Place.       
  • Super Fast and Secure ID, Banking and Background Checks
  • Share ONLY what is necessary with a Realtor, Owner or Community Manager
  • Communicate with Everyone in the Process within your own portal.
  • Track where along the process you are.
  • Sign and save all your documents digitally.        
Completing a transaction while working with realtors, owners and community managers has always been time consuming, repetitive and costly. Additionally, you never know where your personal data is and how the process is moving along (or not). With Envoy, you retain control over your data and privacy. You gain speed, cost savings and accountability from all parties. Most importantly Envoy creates a community out of what was always a very fragmented and dysfunctional process. The Best part, Real Estate is just the beginning.
Realtors will love the simplicity, speed and added value
Imagine being able to send a simple link to validate a clients ID, Background and Credit. Imagine that they can then make that portal their own and use it to work together with you. Fast, cohesive, secure. A place your clients will love and call their own. Build brand loyalty to you and combine the functions of a number of different services all into one location. Your new affordable hub for work awaits!
  • Validate clients in a super fast and secure environment your clients will love.
  • Get a shareable executive summary of your clients id, credit and background.
  • Digitally sign docs from within the application and track progress.
  • Track and manage your progress with all your clients
  • Customize your portal to match your brand
  • Share critical market insights and analytics with your clients to gaining trust and expertise. 
Community Managers and Owners will enjoy the time savings
  • One place to track all aspects of applicants.       
  • The ability to communicate with all stakeholders including board members.
  • Know exactly what is needed for each applicant with automated checklists.                     
  • Digitize all your community documents and insure recognition of rules and regs.
  • Digitize Board approvals and automate the initial orientation process.
  • Insure you have the most accurate Owner, Applicant and Agent information.
One of the biggest time drains is chasing after applications and not knowing where they are in the process. Worse yet, fielding lots of phones calls, emails and texts from applicants, agents and owners because they want to know where things are in the process. With Envoy, you effectively remove all these friction points and create a rapid approval environment. A trackable and fluid communication environment between everyone involved in the process. The whole process is digitized and automated. Most importantly, its secure and built around freeing up your work schedule for the community.
What has been the reaction from our testers of Envoy?
Jose Chen
My last rental only took two days from start to finish. Love having full communication with my agent, property owner and community manager in one place.
Jose Chen
Rental Applicant
Teresa Harris Agent
As a realtor I love the fact that I can validate my clients financial information in a way that is safe, secure and gives my clients confidence. Plus, it's fast!
Teresa Harris
Real Estate Agent
John Community Manager
I manage a community association. Envoy's system saves me so much time and streamlines almost every aspect of rental and sale approvals.
John Paul
Community Manager